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Secure, Engaging Real-Time Communications for today’s changing world

About Us

Proudly Canadian Industry Leaders

City fiber Canada of Companies has a proven ability to deliver high quality projects across the Globe. We have extensive experience with large scale projects across North America, West Africa, and diverse worldwide locations.

City fiber Canada of Companies are proud to be a Canadian owned and operated corporation in a diverse range of fields, such as Telecommunications,

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City Fiber Inc. is at the forefront of aiding top-tier communication service providers and enterprises in adopting cutting-edge communication technologies. We provide secure and engaging real-time communication solutions for the modern era.

Our expertise includes

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Specializing in precise underground infrastructure development.

Hydro Vac Services

Offering safe and efficient excavation using hydro vacuum technology.

Mobile Tower

Expertise in mobile tower setup and maintenance.

Electrical / Structured Cabling / IoT Data Centre

Delivering comprehensive electrical, structured cabling, and IoT data center solutions.

Outside Plant (OSP)

Proficient in creating and maintaining external network infrastructure.

24-Hour Emergency Support & Repair

Providing dependable emergency support and repair services around the clock.

Industrial Wireless Solutions

Tailoring wireless solutions for remote industrial applications.

Project Management

Ensuring project completion on time and with excellence through professional project management.


Helping leading communication service providers and enterprises embrace the next generation of communication technologies

City fiber Canada. is a global technology company with more than a decade of leadership experience in Construction. Our strong relationships with subcontractors allow us to invest in partnerships to increase our capacity and complete larger projects. Are you a turn-key solution looking for a partner to complete practical pieces of your project? We have the assets and experience to make sure your work is done right and finished on time.

Knowledge is Power.

City fiber Canada. designs, builds, installs and supports.


Our friendly and expert communications specialists are available for whatever you may need.

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